Fish Market – but no fish

We went to the San Fernando fish market this morning.  It’s one of those little items I’ve had on a to-do list, mainly for photography, and we finally got around to going.  The weather was beautiful so off we went so see the pelicans and freshly caught fish.

I got distracted.

First, the area is just a jumble of buildings.  You know where the fish are, because of the smell, and the fishermen are doing their best to get you to come in.  There is also a row of shed type businesses and a little shop that seemed to specialize in tires, or tyres as they spell it here.

We checked out the fruit stand.  Sans fruit.   


  Apparently it is a fruit stand during the week, but on Saturdays Hugo paints and sells his work.  He was a delightful man, and he shared about Trinidad and the different villages and his paintings.  His portraits were quite nice and full of character.  My favorite painting was of the vegetable market in downtown San Fernando, which is another place I have yet to go to.  If you saw where it was located, you’d know why.

Right next to the fruit/artist stand, is a place where you can buy movies and music.  The exchange rate is about $1 USD to $6 TT dollars, so you can figure out what they are charging.  There are many of these movie stores around Trinidad, even way out in tiny villages.  

I love finding signs where the verbage just doesn’t match up with the intended message. This sign in front of the movie store seems to be straight up about what they are selling and I had to get a shot.     

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